Monster book

I’ll post monster information here. Perhaps one day, we’ll have illustration. ~(¯∇¯)~

Grey Wolf
Level range: 5~12
Type: Wolf
Rarity: Mob
A wolf which live in the outskirt of rural village. They usually hunt in pack but sometime you can see one wandering alone. They are not really powerful but their number is a problem for most adventurers.

Porcupine Bear
Level range: 10~15
Type: Bear
Rarity: Rare (One diamond)
A mutated bear which appear rarely in a colony of bear. They are extremely dangerous and attack with its pikes. Unlike other bear, they only eat humanoid creatures.

Horned Rabbit
Level range: 1~5
Type: Rabbit
Rarity: Mob
A common monster in the southern region of the Akkashia continent. It is hostile to human due to hundred years of slaughtering.

Silver Horned Rabbit
Level range: 9~13
Type: Rabbit
Rarity: Rare (One diamond)
A rare variation of Horned Rabbit. It was more rapid and more aggressive than a normal Horned Rabbit. They are dangerous so be careful.

Winged Grey Wolf
Level range: 25~30
Type: Wolf
Rarity: Rare (Two diamonds)

A mutated Grey Wolf. Winged Grey Wolf was considered as the Alpha of an entire pack of Grey Wolves. It was a monster that absorbed tremendous mana and can use magic. It’s extremely dangerous.

Cave bat
Level range: 25~27
Type: Bat
Rarity: Mob
A bat living in cave. Usually seen inside caves, the Cave bat generally attacks those who enter their domain. Even if they were weak, they attack in group so be careful.

Level range: 100~110
Type: Elephant
Rarity: Mob
A Carnivorous elephant. In the past, it lived in a place where no vegetation grew. Because of this harsh environment, it began to hunt little animals to survive. After many decades of this diet, its natural food becomes meat. Usually found in group so be careful.

Grotesque Troll
Level range: 90~100
Type: Troll
Rarity: Mob
An obese troll that lived inside the forest. This type of troll eat anything in sight so his weight become like this. Don’t be fooled by its heavy appearance, it can move very rapidly.

Spike Tiger
Level range: 105~120
Type: Tiger
Rarity: Rare (One diamonds)
A tiger type monster that can only be found inside the Sea Forest. This tiger rely on its aerodynamic form to rapidly kill its foes. It can only fire spike from its back if it’s in danger.

Nightmare owl
Level range: 250~280
Type: Bird
Rarity: Rare (Three diamonds)
A rare owl that lives in the Sea Forest. It’s a nocturnal bird that hunt when the sun disappeared. It’s difficult to hunt it because of its nature as a bird and its camouflage-like feathers.


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