The universe

This page describes the universe of Second Chance: I lived an unfortunate life and was reincarnated as an NPC!?

About the game ‘Second chance: a wonderful new life’:
This game is a virtual reality-type Role Playing Game. The game features real-time play style and focus on insertion. The player can do whatever they want to certain limits inside the game and can learn skills independently of class. Comparing to other games, it’s rumored to be limitless.
The company that released the game is called ‘Seven Company‘.
The game was released on Nasegawa Shura’s death.

There were four continents inside the game. They are respectively: Akkashia, Grandia, Denisria and the Ice continent.

  • The Central continent Akkashia is the continent where the players begin. This continent is divided in four kingdoms: the North, the East, the South and the West. This continent is the most populated and has a great diversity of races.
  • The East continent Denisria is inhabited by undeads and is a desolate continent. It was separated with Akkashia by the Unseen Sea.
  • The West continent Grandia is inhabited by powerful monsters and is a tropical continent. It was separated with Akkashia by the Millennium Sea.
  • The North continent or the Ice continent is the continent with the most harsh environment. There was snow tempest every day in this continent. It was separated with Akkashia by the Ice sea.

The rest of the world is filled by sea and it was called God Sea.

Long long ago, the world was devastated by demons. All of the races were nearly annihilated. But the twelve god accompanied by the Light Goddess guide the oppressed races and went to war with the demons. The battle took a long time to finish but the demons lost.
The world is again in peace and the thirteen gods went to sleep. But a prophecy states that the demons will emerged again. To prevent that, the Light Goddess announced that people from another world will be guided to this world to battle with the demons.

Refer to Character’s page

Refer to Monster book


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