Second Chance

Title: Second Chance: I lived an unfortunate life and was reincarnated as an NPC!?

Short title: Second chance

Genre: reincarnation, game, gender-bender, body-swap, comedy (?), virtual reality, slice of life, love, unfortunate destiny, beast-men, adventure, fantasy, mystery


  • Main character’s introduction of his (or her?) story:

A story about me, a boy who lives a misfortune life and die in a horrible way. Thankfully, after my death, I find myself in possession of the corpse of a little farm girl. Did the day of my death marks the end of my misfortune?

No… I don’t resurrect in an other world, I just resurrect in a game of my own world as an NPC… a little farm girl… seriously?

Who did give me this Second Chance?

  • Author’s Introduction of the story:

He had lived a life full of misfortune. She had lost her parent in an horrible way. The both hadn’t luck but by a play of destiny share a story: a story about their adventure, a story about their new life and a story of joy and struggle.

Shura Elvin Smith, a girl that live in a virtual reality game, travel trough the world, encounter peoples and making bounds. How will she face the fact that she was an NPC?

About chapter:

  • Minimum of 1 300 words per chapter
  • Chapters are divided in two category: regular chapter and side chapter
  • Regular chapter move the main story
  • Side chapter move the plot
  • Side chapter were also other’s POV

3 Responses to Second Chance

  1. Kadark says:

    Hi! Just a little error; don’t take it badly as your English is excellent otherwise!

    > I just resurrect in a game of my own world has an NPC…

    >I just resurrect in a game of my own world AS an NPC…

  2. Albedo's Ahoge says:

    Oh, just came across this. Looks interesting… I will read.
    Thank you.

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