Little announcement

I completely forgot that my brother’s graduation ceremony was tomorrow (Thursday)!! If they didn’t mention it to me today, I would have forget =__=”

So, today I hadn’t time to write a chapter and perhaps tomorrow too. So I’ll postpone it one Friday with 03 release instead of one.

Sorry guys!

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Chapter 46: Raid (II)

Author’s note: continuation of the raid part, three chapters to go before the end of this short arc. We’ll then continue with Shura 🙂

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Chapter 45: Raid (I)

Author’s note: Return to ‘normal’ pace beginning this week. As for why I write normal in brackets… I’m sorry but I have to reduce the number of chapters I can release because school began next week and I’ll also begin a part-time job so.

For now, the new schedule will be 1-2 chapters a week. Of course, I’ll try to increase the number of words to at least 1500 words per chapter.

Continuing with the GRAND release that I promise, I won’t do it for various reasons. Instead, for this week, I’ll write 1 chapter a day until Saturday. When Sunday comes, I’ll try to release three chapters if possible so forgive me (IIIIoAo)

So, enjoy the new chapter~

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Announcement: Bad news and good new(?)

Ok, as the title say it, I’ve some bad news to announce so let’s begin with it by order of importance:

  • I suddenly got busy because of some errands that I must do so for this week, there won’t be a second chapter. Sorry 😦
  • As stated above, I still have urgent errands to do so I don’t know if I’ll manage to write a chapter for next week O.O
  • Because of the above news, I decide to make a little hiatus for next week >.<

I’m really sorry because it was so sudden even for me.

So, for the good new part:

  • I promise that I’ll publish a batch of chapter when the hiatus end (Not more than 7 chapters, I’m human after all)

That’s all for now folks! I’ll see ya in two weeks then (hopefully) 🙂

>>>And no, I won’t stop writing and publishing before the end of this series so rest assured xD

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Chapter 44: Preparations

Author’s note: In this arc, we will focus more on the game than Shura. It can be said that it’s a Side-Arc.

I write it to explain more about the game’s feature because it was difficult to do so with Shura (NPC). Players had more information regarding the game after all.

This arc won’t be long so we’ll return Shura’s story in 5 or so chapters 🙂

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Side chapter 07: Those that moved in the dark

Author’s note: Nothing to comment, next chapter will be on Monday (probably). Also, I’ll begin my new terms in two or three weeks so chapter release may change =.=”

The schedule will stay as it is (2-3 chapters a week) until the release of my timetable

On another note, the editor position is vacant so if anyone want top help, you can send me a mail 🙂 I tried my best in spelling, grammar and such but as you can see, I have hard time to notice my errors =.=”

Anyway, enjoy the chapter 🙂

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Chapter 43: Confounding the culprit

Author’s note: Do you find what Palette did and the reason why Sebastian was acting weird?

Next non-chapter will be released today in few hours. It will also be the last chapter of this week and of this arc. Next arc will begin next week 🙂

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Chapter 42: The day after the crisis

Author’s note: Last chapter was unexpected, why did Prim suddenly attack the MC? We all know that she loves her but it was a bit excessive, right? Did you figure why this happen? xD

Also, as for next week’s chapter, there may be some problems. Why? My electricity company decided that we ‘commoner’ won’t have electricity 7 hours a day, and they even distributes it randomly so that you can’t predict it =.=”

This is just a rant so you can ignore it, enjoy the chapter 🙂 For now, the schedule is good as none existing >.<

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Chapter 41: Quiet travel, or what I wished for

Author’s note: Finally, our MC meets with Prim after so long. Their meeting was such coincidence. A group of rogue players attacked Sebastian. Prim was walking near there and helped him driving away the players. Really, such coincidence…

Last chapter of the week~

Also, I want to share you something that makes me laugh when I was reviewing my last month stats:

Sans titre

What did the person who use that search term thought when he write that? I’m really curious about it O.o
Also, I tried to copy the term and use it with google but as expected, it showed nothing. So, another question, where did he use that term to make it redirect here?

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Chapter 40: Travel and meeting again

Author’s note: Nothing to comment, I posted it earlier than usual because I have something to do tomorrow.

I just feel under the weather lately ~.~

Next chapter on Thursday 🙂

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