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[Not a chapter]

Hi guys! Well… How to start this post… I’m sorry for not posting any chapter this last week /(_._)\ I caught a flue due to bathing on the rain. And no, I didn’t forget to bring my umbrella with me … Continue reading

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Little announcement

I completely forgot that my brother’s graduation ceremony was tomorrow (Thursday)!! If they didn’t mention it to me today, I would have forget =__=” So, today I hadn’t time to write a chapter and perhaps tomorrow too. So I’ll postpone … Continue reading

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Announcement: Bad news and good new(?)

Ok, as the title say it, I’ve some bad news to announce so let’s begin with it by order of importance: I suddenly got busy because of some errands that I must do so for this week, there won’t be … Continue reading

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[Not chapter] Clarification about last chapter

Hi guys! I’m saying it in post so I hope someone read it. I’m sorry for the last chapter. I made a mistake in the gender part. I was working late since the beginning of this week, my birthday to … Continue reading

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[Not a chapter] It’s one happy new if you’re curious

When I read yesterday’s Shen Yin Wang Zuo chapter, I was so much furious with LHC’s decision that I almost flipped my working table (>_<) ‘poor Cai’er!’ I thought. I really dislike those type of things! But when I read … Continue reading

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Finals end!!!! \(¯∇¯)/ ♪♪

Hi guys! My finals finally end! (Is it a pun? surely not) So, I’ll begin to write the next chapter in few hours (after sleeping and such). Now, I can leisurely lying around at home. Fufufu… The pace may or may … Continue reading

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Sorry guys

I have finals tomorrow, Saturday, Monday and Wednesday TT^TT No chapter until this hellish week ends (seriously, why did they programmed it on the same week!?)

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Announcement for the 1000 views event

Okay. We finally reached 1000 views. I know that comparing it to other site, it was little but for me, 1000 views are awesome! I already said it at chapter 12 so: MORE CHAPTER THIS WEEK!!!! \(¯∇¯)/ So I’ll make … Continue reading

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3rd announcement! Be amazed!

Hi everybody! The pea has returned from the battlefield called “Finals”! With some injuries but still alive! Huhuhu. Ok, here we go! 1st announce: Chapter 9 and 10 have both been released! Go read them if you have time~ 🙂 2nd announce: … Continue reading

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2nd announcement! Tadadada~

Hi everyone! It’s my second announcement I guess? Well, lately school gets me. No, the truth is that I got an great amount of assignment this morning and finals next weeks.So I’m sorry to announce you that the chapter will … Continue reading

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