About & Contact

This is a blog about our conquest of this world.
Here, you can access some stories writing by us, peas, in order to conquer your heart by word.
We’ll try to write story which can be interesting or perhaps can interest you a little.
Also don’t hesitate to comment or to suggest things, we try our best to fulfill your request in order to improve our way to conquer your world.
Last and the more important things, enjoy our conquest!

To sum up:

  • I am a pea
  • I’m NOT a native English speaker
  • I am an amateur in writing story
  • I will be really thankful if you point out mistake
  • This blog is NOT a translation blog
  • And I am a pea, it’s really important (Pea doesn’t have brain)

To contact me: peakingdom1@gmail.com

About the team:

  • Little big pea: Author
  • canaria23: editor-sama

2 Responses to About & Contact

  1. Albedo's Ahoge says:

    Hi, thank you for the story.
    I feel that a proofreader would be a good idea to have on your team.

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