[Not a chapter]

Hi guys!

Well… How to start this post… I’m sorry for not posting any chapter this last week /(_._)\

I caught a flue due to bathing on the rain. And no, I didn’t forget to bring my umbrella with me that day (=3=)~♪ *innocent whistle*

So, because of it, I couldn’t be in the mood to write a chapter. Why? When I’m sick, I always had a recurrent headache that prevent me of doing anything, even laughing. It’s like my head is exploding when I laugh…strange no? And it hurts like hell too!

So, I’m apologizing to each of my reader about the lack of chapters. I’ll resume activity after my flue go away (I want to shoo it). And also because Christmas and end of year/new year, I’m sure that I can get more chapters with the free time (my family isn’t active during this period because they go to hibernation).

Truly, sorry

PS: Why did I got sick just after an exam and especially when I finally got two weeks of vacation from school!!!!!! *Cry of despair*

Here is a picture to show you my current situationCritical hit


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Peas rule the world! Hail to the peas!! Bow down to the peas!!!! Ahem... Surrender to us, the little peas~
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29 Responses to [Not a chapter]

  1. deadlybell says:

    its ok, btw the whole being in the rain without an umbrella causing one to get sick is actually an old wives tale lol its not exactly true you must of caught it from someone else before that and it just took some time to spread in your body enough to show effects 😛

  2. lirg123 says:

    Is it heal +9999 damage ?

    • Little big pea says:

      no. If you’d played those old rpg, the maximum damage displayable was 9999. But sometime, the total damage exceed it so it became +9999.

  3. Rite says:

    I wonder which is better, getting sick before exam, during exam or after exam?

    • Little big pea says:

      Before exam, you can’t study =.=
      during exam, you can’t concentrate x.x
      After exam, you can’t enjoy the pleasure of getting free time ç^ç

  4. Shiikun says:

    Heey~ pea~ !! Still alive ~?

    • Little big pea says:

      still alive, wait for a surprise in Christmas

      • Shiikun says:

        On the side note, will the old buddies(the MC and the bedridden girl) will meet each other again? Don’t throw that feels chappy to nothing yanno… Again… Just for confirmation. No need to tell when

      • Little big pea says:

        that’s pretty obvious that they’ll meet again…

      • Shiikun says:

        Haaaah~ Thank goodness… *puts rifle away*

        Anyhow, its true that sometimes Side stories develops the story. But since some novels negate that and just throws random ss at a random time w/o connectivity to the future story plot, yanno… just pure randomness and hate to see that chara and background build-up getting washed up into the drain.

        Then again… If you killed build-up like its nothing, imma gonna chase you till the ends and make you a man-made beehive 🙂 I was already strucked by mellow feeling and grown fond of her

      • Little big pea says:

        man-made beehive? =.=”
        That’s a nasty way of living… having bees enter you and producing honey inside of you…. You’re creepy, you know?

        That aside, it’s true that I hate it when the plot built in SS was washed over in MS.

  5. Shiikun says:

    Little big pea: “still alive, wait for a surprise in Christmas”



    1 Christmas later…

    D; Where’s mah CHAPPY??!!!

  6. Shiikun says:

    Heeey~~ Peaa~~~ Still alive~~?

    Where’s my Chapter~?? (T ^ T)

    You’re not dead right? You’ll reply right? right? *panics*

  7. Shiikun says:

    Heeey~~~ Pea~~! Earth to Pea~, Please respond…

    Still alive ?

  8. Shiikun says:

    Rest in Piece my good boy… your story was… enjoyable till it’s last.

    Till we meet again if you update your blog

  9. deadlybell says:

    you still alive?

  10. Tetsuki says:

    Really would like you continueing the story 😉

    We miss you xD (no only the chapters ^^)

  11. Rip Pea.
    Farewell, Pea, king of bean shaped vegetables, whose long and faithful friendship those who knew you won’t forget! Though your body will decay, your spirit lingers on in your quiet, pod shaped home. May your green and round descendants ever flourish and your human friends find solace for the loss they have sustained.

  12. noone says:

    earth call pea

  13. deadlybell says:

    Please come back. we miss you.

  14. America says:

    how dead is this site? if i had to come up with a word it would be….Cadaverific

  15. noone says:

    can anyone give me the raw link?

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