Chapter 53: Let’s go swimming or how to attract jellyfish

Author’s note: You’re chapter for this week.

Nothing to explain in this chapter, the title is obvious right? My thoughts about this chapter are ‘I want to go to the beach! Damn!’ and ‘A picture would have been good.’

About next week, sadly I had mid-terms (already!) and it lands on Saturday so no chapter (I know your feel, exam on Saturday?! Are you serious?!).

So see you in two weeks~ (Two chapters to compensate for the next week)


First part

In a certain beach, peoples are seen playing in the ocean or sunbathing.

“Ah~ I don’t regret coming here. I live in a place where there is no place to see the ocean so enjoying a virtual ocean is a blessing for me.” A young man said while drinking a fruit juice.

“What are you? A person that always lived in a mountain cave?” Another young man retorted.

“And look at those girls! So many girls in swimsuit! Even the NPCs are in swimsuit! Isn’t this heaven?!”

“Are you a pervert? I’m sure that you’re one.”

“What nonsense are you telling? I’m not a pervert. It’s just that swimsuits are justice!”

“Now, I’m sure that you’re a pervert.”

“I wonder if our deity will look good in a swimsuit… She always is in that strange equipment. Why didn’t they make her wore sexy clothes instead?!”

“Stop with that topic. If a senior hears you, you’ll seriously suffer.”

“A senior? Why should I fear a senior? They are just- Hum? What happens?”

At the same time that he uttered those words, peoples were running away from the ocean.

Girls were screaming though strangely, the males were cheering and suddenly drew their weapons. They were observing shadowy forms that were moving out of the ocean. And those forms were…

“Why is there so many jellyfish in this beach?” The young man muttered while looking at the strange scene in front of him.

Few hours ago…

After Sebastian resolved the previous trouble, I peacefully lived in the mansion without any more troubles. Although, I heard that, the family had to pay compensation to the merchant that I ‘accidently’ poisoned.

Why didn’t they just give me the compensation instead of giving it to a complete stranger? Wasn’t I a member of the family?

Anyway, I finally had a discussion with grand-father.

Hum… To resume, it was like previously decided, my fifteenth birthday will be a debut ball. As for what it meant, a debut ball was a kind of ball where a young person will be presented to the society as an adult. It was something that every noble child must do, though there is exception.

There was also another thing that he wanted to discuss with me but it isn’t important to explain it, no? It’s just some talk about family matters like inheritance and such. Boring, right?


“Little aunt! Let’s go to the beach!”

With those words, someone had suddenly entered in my room. No. It’s more like she kicked my door… That TALL niece of mine…

“Don’t want.” (Shura)

“Why not?! You’re just lazing around in this room!” (Clara)

Lazing around? I’m not lazing around.

I don’t consider lying in this king sized bed while daydreaming as lazing around, it’s called holydays. I had a hectic life before so peacefully lying in the bed all days isn’t lazing around! Speaking of it, I’m not the only one that was lying in this bed.

Next to me, Prim was teasing Pyrite in her pajama. They were really cute and I seriously want to hug both of them now… Hum? Lazuli was used as my pillow. She was sleeping by the way.

“What about you Prim?! Don’t you think that it’s a waste to be there without going to the beach?!” (Clara)

“Not really.” (Prim)

“B-but…” (Carla)


Can’t you just stop already? You see that two were against you so you’ll just waste your breath for nothing.

“T-those two are really… Wait! I know!” Carla suddenly said while looking at Prim with sparkling eyes.

I wonder why but looking at her now makes me uncomfortable…

“It’s sad that none of you want to go to the beach. I just wanted to see my aunt in a swimsuit…” She declared like that.

“Shura, let’s go to the beach. The weather is good.” Prim immediately replied.

Eh? Isn’t this too sudden? I meant, you were just with me few seconds ago so why did you suddenly change your opinion? And why are you pulling my hand? Wait. Isn’t this the so called kidnapping?

Am I again pulled in an event that I didn’t even want to be part of?

Second part

And so, we arrived at the beach.

This place was like I expected, it was crowded. It was seriously too crowded but that wasn’t really strange if I took in consideration the fact that in Japan, it’s currently winter. As for the other countries, there were some that were also in winter.

Is this the wonderfulness of virtual reality?

“Hey! Look at those three beauties…”

“Oh… I’m falling in love.”

“Are they the goddesses of swimsuit?”

Also, players were looking at us with perverts eyes. Hum? There is also some NPCs among them? Aren’t you ashamed of your actions? Didn’t your parents teach you that staring at people is bad?

Speaking of us, we wore each three different swimsuits now.

Carla was wearing a brand new swimsuit that she just purchased before coming here. Her swimsuit was frivolous and sexy. It perfectly show each curves of her body and make them more enticing.  It’s seriously bikini and not swimsuit. Wasn’t this too bold for a ten years girl? This world was seriously too open.

By the way, her swimsuit is red like her hairs.

As for Prim, she wore a one piece swimsuit that was violet-black. It was perfect for her slim but lovely body. She looked like a girl that had just entered puberty and wanted to be an adult. By the way, this swimsuit was also purchased before arriving here.


Fufufu. Why would I buy a swimsuit if I can make one? No. It’s more ‘Why would I buy a swimsuit if I already had one?’

You remember that I made various things during the remaining days in the Great Trial? I had made a swimsuit back then with some snake skins that I obtained! Although, I didn’t wear it until now, because I didn’t want to encounter some ‘surprise’ (Read: enormous scarlet snake).

My current swimsuit a plain one!

It’s just a school swimsuit without any frivolous things or sexy features! With this, I wouldn’t be the center of attention!

“A loli… A perfect loli… I want to pat her head…”

“I wonder where this feeling come from… I want to protect her now. Is this maternal instinct?”

“The two beauties next to her are splendid but this loli is a deity above deity…”

I didn’t hear anything at all~

“So… Want to swim?” (Carla)

“I-I don’t know how to swim…” (Prim)

“Eh? You’re serious?” (Carla)

“I never had the occasion to learn how to swim… I’m not a part of the water team after all…” (Prim)

“That can’t be helped. Let me teach you then.” (Shura)

Like that, I began Prim’s teacher.

By the way, she was really a bad swimmer. She had almost drowned after we went in the ocean, although, she was an excellent learner than expected. In a mere thirty minutes, she managed to grasp some basics movements.

The strange thing was that she was always drowning… The water isn’t even two meters deep.

Ah. Going here wasn’t a bad idea after all. Prim was lively in her swimsuit.

Being in this beach really reminded me of the past. We had come there one day with my family. We had played until the end of the day and enjoyed it. That day was one of the few best memories that I had with my family.

Hum? Speaking of it, we only went to the beach one time? Wasn’t that strange? If it was really a good memory, wouldn’t it be more?


When I was lost in my thoughts, something suddenly warps around my left leg. It was slimy and somehow I felt a sudden electric charge coming from it.

You’re paralyzed.

You can’t move for twenty seconds.


Looking at the sudden window that appeared in front of me, my eyes looked down.

Giant Toy Jellyfish Lv30


A jellyfish that strangely had the appearance of a toy. Don’t be fooled by its appearance though, it had a great paralytic attribute and always moved in group. Usually, it was found in the deep sea.

“Oh. I remember now.” (Shura)


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