Chapter 52: Visiting the city… or the mall?

Author’s note: I wonder why but November and December are always busy months for everyone. Even for me… Today, I went to a marriage and tomorrow I’ll have to bring my father at the airport.

If I had a comment about this chapter, it will be… Human nature?

Anyway, enjoy the chapter and be happy because there will be a Side-chapter tomorrow (Sunday)!

By the way, I changed the title a bit.


First part

After yesterday’s troubles, I managed to get some rests. But somehow, Prim wasn’t in sleeping in our room, yesterday. She said that she had some kind of meeting with her guild mates. By the way, she used a flying arrow-letter to deliver that information to me… Why didn’t she just tell it directly to me?

Well, whatever.

Today, I was supposed to meet my grand-pa but some problems occurred at the port so he had to go there. So, instead of discussing about the ball, Clara proposed me to tour the city with her.

Of course, I rejected.

I didn’t want to spend time with this giant niece. She was far too tall that I would surely be confused as the little sister. Me? A little sister? I couldn’t imagine such a thing, though I had one in the old world… I wonder if she was well now.

So, instead of touring the city with that GIANT niece, I decided to tour the city alone. I also profited of the fact that Prim was nowhere to be found. After all, NPC didn’t have the useful chat function.

Also, it’s been so long that I was sightseeing alone. I was always working or training at the capital.

By the way, I put the two drakes in ‘sleep mode’ since I arrived in this city. As for the reason behind that… I don’t want to be circled by girls. Yes! I seriously don’t want to be circled by girls!

Do you know how terrifying a group of girls is?! The level of fright was only second to facing that huge snake! It just began with a ‘Oh. It’s cute!’ to end at least with a ‘The owner is cute too! Let’s disguise her and take many screenshots (make a painting) of her and distribute it around the world!’…

That makes me think of a thing… How did I manage to escape such terrifying experience in my previous life?

Well, question aside, I was now touring this lively town alone and without any hindrance… though, I wonder why I can see people with carving tools beginning to carve a sculpture of me in the background… It’s just my imagination, right?

But speaking about this city, my first impression was right in the mark.

It’s literally a business town.

Each of the roads was distributed according to the things that were sold there. If you still didn’t understand what I meant, there was an example: at the left of the mayor’s manor, the road was called ‘Armors venue’ and next to it, there was a road called ‘Everyday goods path’…

Isn’t the naming sense of the first mayor of this city far worse than mine?

Continuing with those joke names, the port was called ‘Sea goods port’ and the place where a churches were located was called ‘Holy stuffs place’… Seriously, no one had stopped the first mayor?! It’s a huge prejudice to such marvelous built city!

As expected for an ancient pirate, he didn’t have the necessary knowledge for naming streets. I felt a bit awkward when I think that I’m a descendant of such idiot.

Wait. I was adopted so technically… I didn’t have any blood-relation with him, right? So, in another word, there was no chance that I’ll become as idiotic as him in the future? What a relief…

But, the way that the city was built was good nonetheless.

It was arranged like a mall in my previous world. If you want a specific object, you just had to go to the corresponding road. Isn’t that amazing? But the more amazing of all was that it was the first mayor that designated the city like that!

How can such idiot manage to think of such great idea?! Wasn’t that cheating?

Wait. Now that I think carefully about it… Wasn’t I in a game? So, it was the developers that make it that way? In another words, someone had slacken after creating the city and just put random names?

Another slap was added to the count.

Reason? Because of this lazy fellow, I had to bear with the fact that one of my ancestor (though foster one) was a complete idiot in the eyes of all people that visited this city.

As expected, developers were the enemy.

Second part

Walking in the city, I leisurely watch around.

Because Etruska was a complete shop-town or a mall-shaped city, players were numerous in the town. They were actively arguing with shop owners. They were obviously trying to decrease the price of items they want to buy or increasing it in the other case.

While looking at them, I arrived to my goal.

Hum? I never said that I hadn’t one while sightseeing. My goal was obviously to visit the Pharmacy road.

This morning, after Sebastian explained to me how the city was designated, it immediately picked my interest. A road completely designated for medicine and potion purpose! As someone that dealt with those kinds of things regularly (though it was poison), I had to visit this road!

Unlike the previous road that I roamed before arriving here, the Pharmacy road was completely different.

Although, the road was still full of people, there wasn’t any stall in this road. Every shop was inside a building.

Of course, it wasn’t really strange.

A pharmacist would usually create his medicine inside a four-wall closed building. It was too not let the other spy on your way to fabricate medicine and also to prevent illness to happen when something turned wrong.

As for myself, I preferred to do it in open area because it usually exploded so I don’t want to be buried alive.

Oh. Something interesting in this shop!

“How much is it, mister?” I asked while pointing at a green bottle full of powder.

“You have good eyes little one. This is a ‘Wake-me’ powder. It will immediately wake any sleeping party member when he smells it. It’s pretty effective so it won’t be cheap.” The shop owner answered while trying to increase the price.

Of course, I already knew the content of the bottle.

Speaking of which, prices weren’t usually shown next to the goods in this city. You had to bargain with the shop owner. So buying a good with 100 gold then having someone else buying it at 25 gold immediately after was a usual occurrence.

It was some kind of policies made by the first mayor… Him again?

According to Sebastian, it was to teach young people to be smart and not be fooled by merchants. But I really doubt it…

“How much?” (Shura)

“500 gold.” (Merchant)

Wasn’t that too high?

“Do you really think that I’m an idiot? It’s too high for a mere ‘Wake-me’ powder.” I replied with a displeased face.

“Oh… So, missy is a ‘connoisseur’.” The merchant attitude suddenly changed after hearing my reply.

“I won’t buy it more than 50 gold.” (Shura)

“50 gold? That’s far too low. What do you take me for? I don’t sell candy, you know? As expected, you’re far too young to know the value of medicine. I was fooled by your somewhat mature eyes but as expected of your shortness.” (Merchant)


“You think that I’m a child?” (Shura)

“Yes and a naughty one. Next time, tell your momma and poppa to came and let the adult talk ok?” (Merchant)

While listening to his nonsense, I searched something in my bag. Oh. Found it.

“[Detonate], minor explosion.” I casually said while tossing a flask at the man’s face.

Following it, a 27 appeared above the man’s head with a bang.

“W-what did you just do there?!” He asked with a furious expression.

“That? Well… I’m just a kid so I played with a firecracker.” I replied with an innocent smile.

“A-a firecracker?!  Don’t fool with me! If it was a simple firecracker, I wouldn’t have been infected by a ‘Severe Venom’!” (Merchant)

“Severe venom? Can you explain it to me? I’m  a child so I don’t understand such difficult words.” I continued while tilting my head.

“Y-you!” (Merchant)

“Well, I’ve to return home so I thank you for helping me before.” (Shura)

“W-wait! What are you doing?! You can’t leave like that! I’ve to bring you to the guards! W-wait! Give me the antidote so I can bring you there!” He shouted at me while preventing me from esca-leaving the shop.

“Pyrite, bite him.” (Shura)

Following my order, Pyrite’s bracelet glowed and he appeared on my shoulder. After appearing, he bites the hand that restrained me without hesitation.

“ArgghhhH!!!! It hurts! I’m bleeding now! I need to cure it rapidly before I lose conscious! Wait, the poison is still in effect! Damn! S-stop biting me!” (Merchant)

While seeing Pyrite angrily biting the merchant’s hand, I don’t know why but my persistent headache decreased a bit. Isn’t this miraculous?

Anyway, let’s skillfully escape from this place.

Hum? Although, the merchant was an unpleasant fellow, shouldn’t I save him? Public orders and such would surely bring trouble later but I’m a member of the mayor’s family so I won’t have any problem right?

After all, I’m a noble.

I wonder why but the prospect of going here was a good thing after all.


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