Chapter 51: I’ll drink more milk

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First part

While looking at the scene, my grand-father had a disbelieving look on his face. Near him, Sebastian was just smiling wryly. It was obvious that even him didn’t think that I would win in such short time.

“You’re really surprising. Having such small stature and still managing to win against a level 51 Royal Knight… Sinbad, I may overstep my prerogative but let’s enroll your grand-daughter in the Knights’ order.” The head knight said to my grand-father.


“That’s impossible. My daughter will surely kill me this time. Also, my grand-daughter didn’t seem to be a person that will follow orders if I had to believe my daughter’s words.” My grand-father answered while pondering if he should or shouldn’t let me enroll in the Knights’ order.

Oy. Wasn’t that rude to talk about the person when the person itself was in front of you? And also, I’ll say it frankly. I won’t enter the Knights’ order. Even though my mom had entered it when she was young, I don’t like to be restricted by laws.

There is no law that says that a daughter should follow her mother’s route, no?

“That’s unexpected from her.” (Head knight)

“Hey, Shura. Won’t it cause problem in the future?” Prim suddenly asked me while ignoring the two old men’s talk.

Don’t startle me like that.

“He’s your uncle after all. Hurting him like that will surely lead trouble to you, no? If you like, I can handle it privately…” (Prim)

“Hum? I didn’t hear the last part. Anyway, I’m prepared to face him, whenever and wherever he wants.” I just replied.

It was obvious that they prepared revenge against me just by looking at their resentful eyes.

If it wasn’t for the presence of the head knight that judged the duel, they would surely barked like dogs at me, saying that I cheated by using poison or that using bows was restricted during duels. Truly a laughable family…

“Miss Shura, once again, I congratulate you from winning this duel. Although, I want to take my time to convince you from joining our order, I must excuse myself. As the head knight, I still have numerous things to do. So, I bid you farewell and wish that we can have time to discuss this properly in the future.” (Head knight)

After returning the bowing, we also bid farewell to him.

“Now, I think that you won’t have any more problems with them staying in the house, George?” MY grand-father asked his son after we returned in the waiting room.

“Yes.” He just replied with an irritated face.

“Good. Well, I think that after travelling for so long, Shura needs to rest. Spending more energy in pointless duel has surely tired you, no?” (Sinbad)

“Yes. I want to sleep a bit, if possible.” (Shura)

“You can. Sebastian, arrange their room.” (Sinbad)

Saying those words, my grand-father turned around and said to me that he’ll meet me again after I rest. His wife followed him closely as if she wanted to say something to him. As for the others, they parted away, having something more interesting to do than just staying there.

I, Prim and Sebastian were the only one left in the room if I didn’t count the maids. Comics and light novels’ reference about maid being part of the décor wasn’t off… It was as if they were part of the wallpaper if Sebastian didn’t ask them to bring our luggage to our room.

“Aunt Shura! Before you go to your room, can I talk with you a bit?” A voice suddenly said behind me.

Turning around, I found her. She was just standing there while looking at me with sparkling eyes, this TALL niece of mine… Now that I think about it, she didn’t utter any words and was the only one apart my grand-father and Sebastian that didn’t go to that idiot’s aid earlier.

“Is it private or?” (Shura)

“No, it isn’t.” She replied with a brilliant smile.

Tch. I wonder why a part of me felt irritated when looking at her. It should be her height, right?

*Mutters* *Mutters*

Behind me, I could feel Prim muttering some incomprehensible words as well as a cold air that pierced me in the back…

“Is there a problem if we talk in my room? I’m a bit tired so I want to at least being able to sit on my bed.” I replied while sighing.

“Of course.” (Carla)

Stop with your sun-like smile, it disgusted me.

Second part

“So, what do you want to talk about?” I asked after we entered my and Prim’s room.

But before that, I need to at least comment about this room… It’s too huge! This is the biggest room that I ever see in my life! And looked at the bed, it was a king size one! How did they manage to make it enter the door?! Wait! Why is there only one bed in this room?

“Prim, I think that there was a problem with this bed. They forget that we are two so… Wait! Where you did suddenly disappeared?!” (Shura)

Without knowing when and why, Prim was nowhere to be seen. She just disappeared like that after we entered the room! Seriously!

“Where did the other girl go?” Carla asked with a puzzled face as she also noticed that Prim disappeared like that.

“Sigh… So, continue with your talk.” I just replied with a sudden headache.

I wonder why but my headache had increased recently…

“Before this, can I ask you your current level and class?” Clara’s expression suddenly changed to a serious one.

Why did she want to know about my class? It’s vital information in battle so it wasn’t correct to divulge it like that. Well, even if they know about my class, it won’t change anything. My titles and skills were more vital.

“Swordswoman, level 75.” (Shura)

“S-swordswoman? Y-you’re still in the basic class of the Sword’s tree?! That’s… Me who think that you are from the Rogue’s tree because of your use of poison and bow, that’s unexpected.” (Carla)

I know.

After asking Prim about her class’s specialties and skills, I think that I should be classed among the rogues. But this was a fact that I’m still a swordsman. Also, my swordsmanship was near completion.

“Well, it’s good that aunt Shura is capable even with such lowly class.” (Clara)

Hey. Don’t treat this class as a lowly one, it had helped me in numerous dire situation.

“I’ll be clear with you. Uncle George will surely search a way to avenge today’s humiliation. I’m sure that he won’t act in the light but he’ll surely do something so be careful.” (Carla)

I know that.

A person that lived with such high pride will surely try to take revenge on today’s matter, no matter what. And, I will wait him on the corner. But this girl… She may not be a bad girl to take time to prevent me like that.

“Thank you for your advice but I think that I’ll manage it.” (Shura)

“I know. From your previous fight, I can see that you’re quite capable as well as Uncle George.  So, I’ll propose you to change your current class to a higher one. At least, you’ll be more capable of handling him like that.” (Clara)

Changing class?

I had thought about it recently and I think that it should be a good idea because I can’t learn anymore skills in my current class. [1] But I’ll revert back to level 1 so it was a bit scary.

I know that I’ll have more strength than a normal level one but isn’t returning to your weakest state make you feel fear? I meant, I need to level up again and it’ll surely take a while before I could return to my current level…

“If you change class, you’ll surely grow as tall as me! That’s Sebastian taught me.” She suddenly dropped a bomb while I was pondering.

D-don’t fool with me!

If changing class makes you tall, wouldn’t the players be giants now?! Wait. Their bodies in a suspended state so they can’t grow but if we talk about NPC… No! It’s a trap!


“Y-you…” I said after seeing Clara’s sudden smirk.

She was playing with me… That girl was playing with me.

As I think, no one apart Prim was an ally in this house.

By the way, where did she go?


[1] Lower class, a tiny amount of skills that will appear as level go up. Higher class means more skills as level go up.


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