Chapter 50: A lady shouldn’t beat a man to death

Author’s note: Hum… I don’t think that I’ll manage to write more than this chapter so forgive me.

This is the second chapter of the arc and the second time we’ll see Shura after such long time. If I had to resume this chapter, I’ll use the word ‘cliché’ I think. Nobles are always troublesome, especially the cocky ones. Even if they technically didn’t exist anymore in my country, there were still some that bother me with their ‘I descend from a noble family!’… Of course, this don’t apply to all nobles.

Also, next week’s plan: 01 chapter.

Why? Like I said, uni will begin next week. And at the same time, I’ll begin a side-job so I need to be in observation state to see if I can increase the chapter or not.

Last, enjoy~


First part

After hearing the sudden protestation, I couldn’t help but to frown. I can see that this man would bring me problem in the future. No, it was obvious that he wasn’t the only one because my grand-father’s wife smiled when she heard it.

“May I know who you are?” (Shura)

“Shut up, Shorty. I’m talking to father now!” The man shouted at me.

…Shorty? You’re declaring war with me, right?

“George, what about the sudden shout? Have you a problem with my decision?” Grand-father asked with a slight frown.

“Yes, father. Why would a rude adventurer stay there?! We are the Barters! There is no way that I’ll accept for an adventurer to stay here! Also, this girl isn’t even a member of our noble family! She’s just some filthy kid that my foolish sister had adopted! She doesn’t fulfill the right to be considered as a member of our family!” (George)

“Georg-“ Sinbad was about to said but I stopped him.

“Grand-father, don’t intervene in this matter.” (Shura)

I can accept that you looked down on me but to do that to say that to my mom… Even if a lady shouldn’t beat a man to death, I’ll make sure to beat you until your handsome face turn to a living horror.

“Uncle George, can you please retract your words about my mother?” I asked with a smile.

“Don’t call me uncle, lowly peasant! And what if I call her foolish?! She didn’t even know proper etiquette and ran away with a man! Her action had dishonored our noble family! And this hasn’t anything to do with you anyway!

As a good person, I’ll ask you to get out of our house. If not, don’t think that I didn’t prevent you!” He just replied while looking down on me.

Behind him, I could see the other siblings murmuring and agreeing with him.

I can say that apart Sebastian and grand-father, no one would stand on my side. Hum? Why didn’t my TALL niece say a thing? And what about that apologetic face?

“George! I won’t permit you to say those words toward your sister! Also, even if you didn’t like it, Shura and her friend will stay here! This is my house so I’ve the right to decide who will stay here, understand?!” Grand-father suddenly shouted at the idiot.

“Father! Even if you say that, I won’t permit it! What will the other nobles will say about us if they know that we let an adventurer stay in our house? We’ll be the ridicule of the court! As the next head, I won’t permit that our family reputation decrease because of this lowly girl!” He just answered while standing firm.

“Y-you!” (Sinbad)

“Dear, calm yourself. It will be bad on your health. Also, I too think that it’ll be bad for us if an adventurer stay in our house… Think about the future of our children.” The grandma suddenly interjected.

Why did you wait for this moment to step in the middle of the discussion? Old hag, do you also arbor ill intents toward me? If it was the case, let me take revenge instead of my mom then.

“Shura, maybe it wasn’t a good idea for me to stay here. I can stay in an inn if it didn’t bother you, you know…” (Prim)

“No. I’ll make sure that you’ll stay with me so don’t say those words.” (Shura)

“Tsk. Look at you, your lowly friend had accepted to this understandable decision but you…” (George)

“No need to insult me. My mother had taught me that I should resolve my problem by myself. So, George whatever, I’ll ask a duel against you! The stack will be our right to stay in this house!” I said while looking down on him, though I’m shorter than him so it was more looking up…

“Shura! What are you saying?! This is ridicule! Even if you had confidence in your skills, George is a knight! His skills are above yours!” (Sinbad)

“Nonetheless, I’ll stand on my decision. George, will you accept my duel or will you hide behind your status like a worm?” I replied while looking at the idiot.

“Truly as idiot as your mother. Even if dealing with a lowly person like you will degrade my status as a knight, I won’t refuse your duel. I, George Rufus Rubert will accept your duel.” He said with a mocking smile.

Second part

After deciding on the place where we should hold the duel, we arrived on the back courtyard of the mansion. This open space will serve as a place where we’ll take our duel. This place was large so it was possible to use our skills without care.

But still… this house, no mansion, was really big. The back courtyard was similar to a football yard.

Also, to make the duel fair, it was decided that the head of the local knight will take the role of the judge. Why? He was a person that won’t stand on any of the two sides even if George was a knight. It can be said that he was a rightful man.

“Before announcing the beginning of this duel, I’ll resume the stacks.

To my right, Shura Elvin Smith had declared this duel to obtain the right for her and her friend’s right to stay in the Barter’s mansion. If she wins, they can rest until they decide to leave the mansion. But in case, she loses, she won’t step inside the mansion until her death.

I’ll continue with the rules of this duel.

As per her majesty’s rules, the offended side, in this case George Rufus Rubert, will have the right to choose the rules of the duel. After asking him, Shura will win this duel if she manages to make him fall. On the contrary, he’ll win if he makes her lose conscious.

To make the duel fair, he had accepted to let the contestant use any tricks to her side to win the duel. Of course, both sides can’t threaten the life of one side. I’ll have the right to intervene if I judge it to be necessary.

Do the two sides agree with those conditions?” The wise-looking knight said looking at us.

“”We agree.””

“Understand. Let the duel begin then!” The knight said while backing off.

After hearing him, George just held his sword and shield while looking at me. Looking at his stance, he didn’t take me serious, isn’t it? Minding no care about him, I took my long bow from my magic box and took few arrows along it.

“A bow?!”

“Why did she take a bow?!”

“This is inconceivable! A duel while one side is holding a bow?!”

Even the judge was surprised by my sudden action.

“[Soaking], target Yellow Poison.” I murmured while aiming.

But at the same time, George decided to advance toward me. As expected for a knight, he understood that I had a trick on my side, wasn’t it? But, you’re too late, ‘uncle’ George!


An arrow pierced his left shoulder at the same time the number appeared.

“W-what?!” (George)

You’ve right to scream, after all, this arrow was soaked in a powerful paralyzing poison!

It was one of my new inventions. The Yellow Poison (self-named) will inflict a sure paralyzing effect. The only backside was that it was a localized paralysis so it can’t completely stop the movement of the target. If I had to use it on the whole body, it will just paralyze the target for two seconds.

But still, its effect was still good in this case!

At the same time that his shoulder was paralyzed, the hand that held the shield let go of it. Not wasting this opportunity, I drop my bow and took my sword with me while running toward him.

Hum? Why shouldn’t I use poison to win against him?

I want to make sure that he’ll suffer with my own hand! Also, using poison will be over-killed and there was a risk that he’ll die before I can give him an antidote so…

At first, surprised, he regained his focus rapidly and received my sword with his own sword. As expected of a knight, his swordsmanship was topnotch. But I’m the student of Agatha Smith so I knew how to deal with you!

After clashing with his sword, I threw a kick at his abdomen while backing.

“Y-you! How can you use a bow and a kick during a duel?!” He yells at me.

“It’s you that said that I can use whatever method I have so blame yourself for that.” I just mocked him.


Angered, he slashed his sword toward me, hoping for slashing me to death. Seeing that George was about to commit a blunder, the head-knight was about to intervene. But am I this weak t let an old man save me?

“[Poison breath], target Yellow Poison!” (Shura)

Hum? I said that I won’t use poison? It was a joke!

After triggering a skill, I automatically inhaled air before breathing to the upcoming knight. A yellow mist escaped from my mouth and enveloped George. That stopped his movement.

Without waiting for the paralysis effect to end, I punched his handsome face. At the same time, I make sure to kick his neither region. An idiot shouldn’t have descendent after all! It’ll lead the world to destruction if he’ll have one. So, I’m saving the world!

He fell on his knee after receiving the kick and growled.

But I didn’t stop. I threw another punch on his face and another, then another and another. I didn’t stop until the judge stopped me.

“I-I’ll declare this duel’s end. As the judge of this duel and the head of Etruska’s knight, I declare Shura Elvin Smith’s win. As per agreed stacks, she can rest in the Barter’s mansion with her friend.

Now, the observers can congratulate the winner and… I’ll advice you to treat this man.” The head-knight said after examining the suffering but still living idiot.

After he said those words, everyone rushed to the courtyard.

The idiot’s siblings and his mother were of course running toward his still living body while Prim was advancing to me. As for my Grand-father and Sebastian, they didn’t know what to do. Hum? I never show my skills to Sebastian so it was understandable that he was surprised.

Even I had a slightly (no, enormously) headache thinking about my skills now. That poison breath was one of the things that make me feel that my humanity was slowly drifting away… That damnable title!


At least, I win.


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