Chapter 49: Barter

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Well, now we’ll just have Sunday’s chapter or chapters to do. I’ll see if I manage to write more than one chapter tomorrow so don’t hold your hope too much, ok?

As for those that hope for Shura’s return, here it is! First interaction with her other family members~ Will it turn good or bad? I wonder though it was already obvious for a particular person…

I’ll give next week’s chapter plan with tomorrow chapter.


First part

Five months had passed since I arrived at the port-town Etruska.

During those five months, I had of course celebrated my birthday. Speaking of that, during the ball, I met a handsome man that was pleased with me. At first, I didn’t mind him but after he courted me for three months, I began to have feeling for him…

In short, it was two months since we had been together and we even planned to marry in three months. Of course, I’m happy to finally been able to get a husband. He was handsome and had a lot of money… Huhuhu.

I’m happy!


As if! Why would I sell myself to a man?!

Currently, we just arrived at Etruska.

If I had to resume our trip since meeting with that strange and lecherous woman, it would be awkward.

Since discovering that Sebastian almost led his master’s grand-daughter to her death, he was so ashamed that he always apologized to me whenever he met my eyes. Personally, I think that it was more about the part that he assaulted a girl even if she was an enemy…

As for my relation with Prim, I can’t meet her eyes anymore.

Whenever I looked at her, I always thought of that night and her lips… It was irritating. Also, I think that she was also ashamed by what we almost did because she too looked away when she met my eyes. Well, she was blushing too so… it’s cute.

During the remaining days, I had to endure this environment so irritation began to build up inside of me. In a way, I’m happy that we finally arrived at destination.

Now, speaking of Etruska, even if it was a coast town, it was at a different level compared to the capital. Of course, the capital had beautiful building and had a lot of administrative buildings. The population was also more crowded. But compared to it, Etruska was more a commercial town.

Stalls, shops and whatever can be used to run a business were filling the city. It can even be said that they built the city in order to make it like a big shop if you asked me. In the background, huge ships can be seen. They were commercial ship according to Sebastian.

As for us, we continued to advance trough the crowded road.

Along the way, people greeted Sebastian. Unexpectedly, this old man was popular. Of course, he returned the greetings with smile. They seemed to have a good relationship. I wonder what will happen if they know that he had assaulted a young girl (If she was young)…

Somehow, today I feel that my mischievous self was more preponderant than usual. Perhaps, it was due to the built irritation.

“Young lady, we are in front of the mansion. Welcome home.” Sebastian suddenly said while I was thinking about various things.

In front of us, a huge mansion was standing! Was being a mayor let you have a lot of money?! I mean, they had a park instead of garden, no? And, it’s me or I can see a young girl riding a white horse?

And why is she coming at us?

“Sebastian? You finally return?” She asked while looking at Him.

“Yes, miss Carla.” He answered while bowing.

Miss Carla? Is she one of the habitant of this house? Didn’t that mean that she was a member of my family? Is she a cousin or an aunt? Considering her young age, she should be my cousin. Also, why is she as beautiful as my mom?

She had the same tanned skin… I envy her. My skin was a little pale after all. I wonder if staying her will give me a beautiful tan. That should be awesome.

“So, which of those two young ladies is my aunt?” She suddenly asked after noticing me and Prim.


“It should be the young lady with the two drakes.” (Sebastian)

“Her? She’s unexpectedly short though… Well, I’m glad to finally be able to meet you, aunt Shura.” She said while bowing toward me.

Did you have a problem with me? I know that you’re tall and all but is there a reason for you to denigrate my height? And, what do you mean by aunt?! I’m not that old! And I didn’t even have any siblings so it was impossible.

“Ah. That’s right. I didn’t present myself. I’m Carla Barter. This year, I’ll turn ten so I’m the youngest member of the Barter family. In another word, I’m your niece. Nice to meet you, aunt Shura.” (Carla)


Second part

Still confused about the unexpected news, we entered the mansion and were led to a waiting room. After Sebastian and my ‘supposed’ niece led us there, they leaved to search for my grand-father.

Of course, maids (not the entertaining ones) came to serve us with teas and such. But I wasn’t in the mood to be concerning about it.

Why did my niece have such height at such young age?! She was taller than me by two heads! Why is she so tall?! I’m older by five years but I was smaller by two heads! This is injustice! Gods, no programmers, had played with me!

While my grudge for programmers increased even more, a tall old man accompanied by a tall woman entered the room. Behind them, four persons followed them. They were at the same age as my mother so they were probably her siblings. Also, behind them, the TALL niece was there too.

“You’re Shura, aren’t you?” The old man said after facing me.

“Yes.” I answered while taking glance at the TALL niece.

“Hum… Straightforward as my daughter hum… Well, anyway, I’m glad to finally be able to meet you. It’s been so long since I heard about you from your mother so I’m quite pleased to see you.” (Old man)

“Hum? Daughter? You’re my mother’s father?” I asked while refocusing on the discussion.

“Yes, my name is Sinbad Rubert. I’m the current head of the Barter family as while as the mayor of the port-city Etruska. The woman at my left is my wife, Esmeralda Rubert. Once again, I’m glad to finally been able to meet you.” He said while bowing.

“I’m also glad to meet you, grand-father Sinbad. You may already know it but I’m called Shura Elvin Smith. I’ll thank you in advance for taking care of me during the few weeks that we’ll pass together.” I replied while returning his bow.

Seeing that I’m able to properly returning a bow, my grand-father’s wife smile twitched a bit. She was of course displeased by my appearance but still acted like she was happy to meet me. Such a scheming woman huh…

But you know, I’m not as idiot as my mother (Sorry mom). If you tried to do something bad to me, I’ll return it with ten times interests so be prepared to suffer.

“I’m happy to see that Sebastian was able to teach you proper etiquette at least. Is there any problem during your travel?” (Sinbad)

Hearing the sudden question, sweats began to appear on the head of Sebastian.

Huhuhu… You’re afraid, aren’t you? Don’t, I won’t say anything about your little error. But I’ll make sure that you’ll repay it one day. At least, I want a carriage for my travel so be prepared. Huhuhuh.

“Nothing bad had happen during our travel. Thanks to Sebastian, I had a ‘pleasing’ travel.” (Shura)

Hearing my emphasis on ‘pleasing’, his sweats were overflowing on his head.

“I’m glad then. Sebastian is in our house for so many years so I was already sure that nothing bad would happen to you during your travel. He’s a good butler so I’ll be in trouble if he did bad works.” Grand-father said while smiling at Sebastian.

“O-of course, master. As the head butler of the Barter family, I won’t do anything to displease you.” Sebastian hurriedly replied.

“That’s good. So… May I know who the young miss next to you was?” (Sinbad)

Noticing that he was referring to her, Prim hurriedly bowed her head. But… Why are you blushing?

“Her name is Prim. As you can see, she is a p-adventurer. She is one of my close acquaintances. Oh. Speaking of that, grand-father Sinbad, will it be possible to let her stay with me during my stay? I promise in her stead that she won’t do anything that will bother you.” (Shura)

It was something that we had discussed during our trip. When I told her that I’ll stay there for few weeks before continuing my journey, Prim had proposed her help and to follow me.

Of course, I accepted. Having a friend during a journey was always a good thing, no? It wasn’t because I want to clarify something that bothered me about her behavior or anything. It wasn’t also because I found interest in the fact that she was basically immortal…

“Interesting… Of course, she can stay! And, I’ll even let you share a room together!” He answered while laughing.

Somehow, his laugh makes me feel bad. Also his eyes… It was similar as cat’s eyes when it found something interesting. Resting with the Felina family let me be more familiar with cat’s behavior…

“I’m glad to h-“ (Shura)

“Father! Would you reconsider your words, please?” One of the men behind grand-father suddenly interjected with a displeased face.


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