Side chapter 08: Sully

Author’s note: Last non-chapter of the arc. Now, let’s return to Shura!

Also, because someone gave a treat, I’ll post this today. Next chapter in two hours or more (depending if more treats come)


“How have you been, Sully?” An old man in white blouse asked.

“Good.” She answered with an indifferent expression.

Hearing the word coming from the mouth of his patient and her indifferent expression, the doctor couldn’t help but smile wryly. If he had to think about the current situation of the girl, she wasn’t really in ‘good’ shape.

After all, the girl was paralyzed under her head after an terrible accident that cost her mother’s life… Her father had done his best to heal her but it didn’t manage to do anything. So, he decided to let her stay in a specialized hospital until he managed to find a cure for her.

As for him, it was been three years that he was treating her but nothing had changed since. Her body was still paralyzed and she still had her dull expression.

“Doctor, can you help me?” She suddenly asked while he was checking her body.

Surprised, the doctor accepted.

“When he arrives, can you tell him to come see me?” She asked him.


“Yes, of course.” He answered without looking at her eyes.

The person that she referred as ‘him’ should be that boy… He thought.

It was another troublesome person. Since his birth, he always had accidents that threaten his life. Lightening, wolves’ attack and even metal beam falling on him… It was even surprising that he didn’t die from all of this.

Every week, no, it was more every day… he came here to treat his injuries. The hospital even agreed to treat him for half charges. It was similar to a fidelity privilege. Thinking about it, he just smiled. A hospital giving a fidelity privilege… That’s a joke, a complete joke.

While checking her blood pressure, he thought about that unusual boy.

Even if he suffered from his misfortune, he was always smiling in front of other. He was a good boy that didn’t lose hope in life. When he turned five, he even decided to bring things to the other patients and the hospital’s employers.

He tried his best to give them smile as thank to treating him, he said.

And that’s how those two had met each other. One was a person practically living at the hospital when the other was living there. How can’t they meet each other?

Speaking of those two… When that boy learnt about that girl, he cried for her. Somehow, he even decided to help her regain her smile.

So, everyday, he came to her to tell her funny stories or bringing her sweet cakes. Why he brings cake? Everyone like sweets, he said. Of course, no one in the hospital had hope in his actions.

A person losing her mother and practically her body… No one would blame her for despairing.

But strangely, he managed to do it.

He made her smile.

The girl that always had gloomy and expressionless face had smiled for the first time after such long time. It was a miracle. The two of them even became friends and whenever he came, she was always beaming with happiness. So…

“How can I tell her that he dies?” The doctor bitterly thought in his heart.

The boy died from a car accident. The boy that let her regain her smile had died from a similar case as her mother… If he had to tell it, wouldn’t it bring despair in her heart again?

So, he decided to hide the information from her. No, everyone in the hospital had decided the same. For not letting this girl experiences despair again, patients and doctors had decided to hide it from her.

Speaking of that… His death had brought a gloomy expression on everyone in the hospital…

Thankfully, the girl in front of him had also taken interest in a game so hiding his death was easier than he thought.

“Doctor, can you again put the headgear on me?” She asked him after he finished his check.

Hearing her, he immediately put the headgear on her. It was a good thing that he didn’t have to find a way to change the subject.

“I wonder what lies in this game to make her this addicted to it…” He thought while leaving her room.


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  1. deadlybell says:

    it would be so sweat if they found each other again an she finds out the truth but that hes still alive as a she so she can still spend time with hi….. i mean her

  2. gianoria7 says:

    Now I’m sad…
    I wonder how she will react to in-game Shura.

  3. deadlybell says:

    since you want more treats for chapters im hoping this suffices since you never said it was limited to 1 per person 😉

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