Chapter 48: Vampire Lord

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First part

In front of us, a huge door was silently laying as if it was waiting for someone to open it. The decorum was gothic and humanoid with wings can be seen on the door.

“This is the last obstacle.” One of the remaining members said.

Of course, it was.

We had two hundreds participants in this conquest. It represented near two third of our total members so it can be said that we had invested a lot of resources to conquer this dungeon. We had to win no matter what.

Sadly, we only had eight surviving members and among them, only one was a healer-related class. We had once again lost members during the final monster rush.

Thinking about it, will we have any chance again a level 300-ish dungeon master?

“Let’s finish this.” Our leader said while pushing the door.

Yeah… let’s finish this. After all, the brave men won’t turn back in front of despair.


After opening the door, we arrived in a really dark place. If it wasn’t for the candlestick, we won’t even be able to see our feet… Speaking of that, the candles were aligned as if they formed a road.

Obviously, we followed the candles.

After advancing for who know minutes, we finally arrived in front of a big throne that was lighten by multiple candles. On that throne, an enormous person was sitting, his eyes shut as if he was sleeping.

That person was an old man in expensive clothes. His finely cared beard testified of his knowledge and high status.

Obviously, this old man was the Vampire Lord.

“I welcome you to my domain, humble mortals.” He suddenly said while opening his eyes to look at us.

Without knowing why, I suddenly feel cold and fear began to build up inside me. T-this monster wasn’t like the previous mid-bosses. I was even more frightened by him than the previous boss that gave us headache.

“I may not have anything to present you for your effort. After all, defeating consecutive servants was an amazing act alone but you even manage to bring done my woman. I, myself, was impressed by your amazing talents but at the same time… I’m furious that you killed my wife before my eyes. Well, as long as I’m alive, she will be fine so I can let it pass.

So, dear guests, instead of giving you a physical gift, let me entertain you to your death!”

Jus at the moment when his words ended, the room was enlightened.

“W-what the…” One of us said after seeing the place where we will battle him.

Even I was surprised at the view… After all, we thought that we were in a big room but instead, we were on a circular platform supported by pillar. Looking at the candles road that we took previously… we would have fallen to our death if we walked passed them! It was a floating road!

“Impressed? You’re really mortals.” The giant old man said while standing from his chair.

With each of his step, his body began to transform. When he was finally at the same ground as us, it wasn’t a old man that stand before us, it was a huge giant silver wolf!

Vampire Lord Cesar Lv 341 (Father of all the vampire)


Known as the first person that was afflicted by the malediction of the vampirism, he was once an emperor that fought for his kin. He is now the lord and father of all vampires, an undead searching to devour living beings. He stood in his throne, waiting for salvation and foolish mortals to challenge him.

Caution while fighting against that master of disguise.

As if it was waiting for the wolf and that window to appear, the road that we took before began to self-destruct, leaving us without no choice than to fight to death against this monster.

“Everyone, be careful! Don’t be pushed outside the platform or else you’ll die! Even I can’t see the ends of it after all!” One of our two remaining ranger cried while taking his bow to aim at the huge wolf.

“Let’s finish that monster!” (Sully)

At the same time, our leader took her huge sword and advanced to the boss.

“Follow the guild leader! Command on battlefield will switch to her for now!” I cried while running too.

Hearing my orders, the remaining people began to run to close the distance between us. They all are prepared to face the highest enemy we had to face together since the creation of our guild.

During all of this, the huge silver wolf didn’t anything. It was just standing there, looking at us as if we were ants trying to threaten him.

Second part

“Magicians and rangers, back off now! Tanks, block his assault! Healer, heal them rapidly!” (Sully)

Following the order of our leader, everyone back off apart the heavy armored members.

Not even five seconds passed before two huge pawns clashed with us. This attack had eat the half our total HP. Thankfully, the remaining healer managed to heal both of us to full health before another attack fell on us.

“Take that!” (Sully)

Without waiting for a third follow up, the leader landed an attack on the wolf back with her huge sword. The others also took advantage of us having its attention to launch attack on it.

Multiple numbers appear above its head but they didn’t even manage to decrease its total HP by a tenth. It was really at the rank of final boss of dungeon, high defense to protect it and high attack to rapidly deal with us.

After receiving the multiple attacks, the wolf suddenly stopped to attack us and back off rapidly. At the same time, his color turned from silver to black.

“Everyone, watch out! It’s transforming again!” (Morgan)

It was the third time that it was transforming since the beginning of the battle.

The first time, its fur suddenly turned red. Then, it transformed into a huge bloody humanoid monster that only had a huge mouth on its face.

It was pretty similar to the Fleshless Ghoul that the leader had faced before. Its attack pattern was similar to the monster as it just attacked without moving from its place. Also, each of its attack had an absorption attribute.

The second time, its flesh turned sliver and it retransformed into the sliver wolf.

According to my understanding, its transformation probably copied the previous mid-bosses form that we had encountered. After all, the silver wolf was similar to the Starlight Werewolf. It had high mobility but low attack compared to the Fleshless Ghoul.

In another term, this black form would be…

Following its fur transformation, the wolf stands on its back leg while giant black wings grew on its back. Soon, a huge black bat took the place of the wolf.

“So, it’s the Bat-lord now…” (Morgan)

After seeing its new transformation, we decided to follow the attacking plan to face the third mid-boss. The tanks protected the long ranged attackers while they attack him. The leader even switched her weapon to a giant bow to add more firepower to our already exhausted members.

But, how would we think that when the giant bat flied, numerous bats suddenly emerged from the precipice around us? Like the Bat-lord, the Vampire Lord’s bat transformation will be followed by his subjects.

“Protect the healer!” Our leader suddenly cried after seeing the cloud-like bats.

But her orders were too late.

Before we could circle the healer, the cloud-like formation had swept us and inflicted a lot of damages. Even if he was already protected behind us, the bats killed the healer on the spot, leaving us with low HP.

As if it was waiting for this chance, the vampire lord suddenly changed its form again and transformed into a ghoul. The worst, it was falling just in the middle of our formation.

“Damn it…” (Morgan)

Next second, I was thrown away with just a fourth of my HP. The other hadn’t as much as luck as me. Apart the other tank, the two magicians and the two rangers were instantaneously killed by the attack.

The boss was also lucky and managed to escape the attack, though her Hp was in the red due to the bats’ attack.

Without waiting for an order, we three immediately drank potion to replenish our HP.

“So… What now, guild leader?” (Morgan)

“I think that we don’t have any chance of winning, right? We just decrease its HP by a fifth at most.” The other knight named Prudens said while smiling wryly.

“I don’t know.” She answered while returning the smile.

So, if even she didn’t have any plan… We really hadn’t any more chance, right? We did all of it, used so much resources and wasted time to just lose here?

“Well, let’s just enjoy this then.” (Sully)

Enjoy it? Well… That wasn’t a bad plan. After all, we didn’t have another choice than that, no? Also, let’s learn about its attack pattern and the time it took between two transformations for the next time.

“Morgan and Prudens, forget the tank part. Just switch to attack.” She said while taking her giant sword from her item box.

Then, she began to run toward the enormous ghoul that faced us. As for us? We just followed after her, like we always do it.


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  3. John Doe says:

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