Chapter 47: Raid (III)

Author’s note: First chapter of the batch. Second chapter in few hours (I know, it won’t be Friday anymore but in some country it will still be!).

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First part

“Held by the hand of the gods, I call you the spear that defeated the fire giant, Ice meteor lance!” A man in robe said while pointing his staff to a huge black snake.

Following his chant, a magical circle appeared above the ground and an enormous ice lance suddenly fell on the huge black snake, piercing it directly on the back. At the place where the lance had pierced it, it began to slowly freeze and transform in ice.

Without waiting for the snake to respond, the ground transform into magma and an eruption touched the snake body. It began to melt the lower of the snake, making it suffer for enormous pain.

The giant ice lance and the magma eruption reaction to each other caused a giant white vapor to cover the field of view of the surrounding. It completely hide the state of the body of the giant snake but it was still possible to see an indistinct black shadow in the vapor.

The form was rapidly shrinking to disappear from the view of the surrounding. It was completely hidden behind the smokescreen. It was only possible to see that a humanoid form stood where the snake was.

The humanoid form was unexpectedly a tall woman in red robe. Her black hairs were moving around as if they were swimming. Her face was strangely enticing and who ever looked at her would have a longing feeling appear in their heart.

“I’m glad that you managed to hurt me so much! You’re worthy of receiving my full power!” The woman in red robe said while laughing.

Around her, ten or so persons were standing. Some were firmly holding their weapons while other began to chant an aria to heal their comrade. In the eyes of all of those persons, fear and exhaustion can be seen.

But here and there from those two strange groups, corpses were lying on ground. Some didn’t have head, some had lost the lower part of their bodies and some even were like mommy, completely dried.

“It’s been so long that someone had managed to do so! I’m truly happy but at the same time… You prove to be dangerous opponents for my husband. As a good wife, it’s my duty to stop you there!” The woman continued while bat-like red wings suddenly spread from her back.

“Mere living beings show me you’re worthy… As my food!” She said while five enormous magic circles appeared behind her.

“Watch out! Everyone spread now!” A man in black armor cried after seeing the magic circle.

Hearing the orders, the encircling group suddenly spread around the room. As per their training, this was the moment were they had to attack individually to deter the AOE effect of the magic used by the boss.

“Damn. How does she can be so powerful?!” The black armored man cried in his heart.

Of course, that group was the Brave men, one of the numerous guilds that long for a place they could call home. They were the Brave men that decided to conquer the dungeon known as the Vampire’s Nest.

And that black armored man was their guild leader, Morgan also known as the lecturing master…

Morgan’s POV

I don’t know why but I feel that someone had said something bad about me… But now wasn’t the time for that! I had to find a way to defeat that damned boss, Vampire Countess Mina!

When we had fight Bogus, we had only lost a tenth of our members so we were confident about defeating Mina. After all, we still had around one hundred so I thought that we had more chance than the others.

But who would think that the situation had reversed? We were now just a tenth of our previous number and we didn’t even kill her!

That won’t be really a problem if I had to note that the survivors were all veteran of the guild. They were also the oldest member of the guild so it was reassuring. But still… She was powerful. I don’t even imagine the strength of the final boss.

When I was thinking about how to deal with her, she finally launched her spells. A huge firestorm swept the battlefield.

Second part

After evading another AOE spell, I rapidly closed the distance.

“Kraklot, use your highest spell. Don’t think about the cast-time! Okland, follow me!” (Morgan)

Immediately after giving my order, I prepare to use a skill. My hand gripped my spear and rotated to add the centrifuge strength to my attack.

“[Hell’s spear]!” I cried while throwing my spear.

It’s a skill that had great penetration strength. The strange part about that skill was that even if I don’t know how to throw spear, it let me throw it like an athlete. Speaking of that, skills are amazing.

They let players do things that we didn’t know how to do before.

One of the guild’s members even told me that in real life, he was now a good fisherman even if he hadn’t any real life experience in fishing. Isn’t that amazing?

“Morgan, watch out!” Someone suddenly cried at me to awake me.

My spear flied at an amazing speed toward the back of the boss, tough when it was about to touch her, she suddenly turned to the left and avoided it. But before I can retrieve another sparring spear, she launched an individual attack to me.


You’re wounded by a Vampire Countess Mina’s blood!

You’ll be in [Ghoul] state for 15 minutes!

“Damn! Back away from me now!” I cried after seeing the notification.

Ghoul was a special state that only vampire-like monsters or skills can give. This state was similar to berserk so I’ll be in frenzy and will attack everyone around me without distinction. Thankfully, each of my attacks will replenish my HP so I can regain HP.

But wouldn’t I absorb my guild-mates’ HP?

“This is seriously a bad move.” (Morgan)

“I’ll take the relay.” A voice suddenly said.

Because I’m currently in berserk state, I can’t turn my head but I knew who the person that said those words was.

Third person’s POV

Just after saying those words, a short girl in armor ran toward the flying woman. That girl was of course, Sully, the guild master of the Brave men. Ignoring the vice-leader’s state, she held her giant sword with her two hands and jumped.

“[Blood whip]!” The bass said after seeing the approaching enemy.

A reddish long whip suddenly appeared on her hand. It immediately clashed with the upcoming sword and blocked it. At the same time, it sent the leader away. But she did a back flip before landing.

Then she did a follow up.

She returned the huge sword in her item box, retrieved two knives and threw them at the flying woman.

“Tsk. Do you really think that those lit-“

Before the vampire finished her sentence, another attack landed on her. This time, it was an arrow that pierced her right wing.

“H-how dare you!?” (Mina)

Seeing her beautiful wings that her husband liked so much, fury built up inside her. She immediately went in [Enrage] state and numerous magic spells appeared behind her. The number of spells was more than the previous ones.

“Magician, magic shield now!” (Sully)


Hearing the sudden order, tough surprised, the surrounding magicians immediately deployed their magic shields spell on their guild master. Just at the same moment, numerous attack spells touched her.

“H-hahaha! Do you really think that I’ll let you damage my beautiful self without riposting?! Now, suffer from your own mistake!” Mina said while laughing.

“Do you really think that?” A person said behind her.

Surprised, she received an attack before being able to turn her head to look at the source of the voice. The attack sent her toward the ground and a spear pine her on her stomach, reducing her life rapidly due to continuous damage.

“Now!” The person said after launching his attack.

Immediately, the surrounding people used their skills without taking care of the cool-down or the MP cost.


Morgan’s POV

You’ve defeat Vampire Countess Mina.

You gain 197145 Exp after defeating the monster!

At the same time that the monster was killed, the big door leading to the next floor opened. We also sat done at the same moment due to finally been able to kill that dangerous monster. If we weren’t careful, we would have been wiped.

“Well, you owe me a cake.” (Sully)

“Of cours- as if! Where did you get that cake?!” (Morgan)


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