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Hi guys!

Well… How to start this post… I’m sorry for not posting any chapter this last week /(_._)\

I caught a flue due to bathing on the rain. And no, I didn’t forget to bring my umbrella with me that day (=3=)~♪ *innocent whistle*

So, because of it, I couldn’t be in the mood to write a chapter. Why? When I’m sick, I always had a recurrent headache that prevent me of doing anything, even laughing. It’s like my head is exploding when I laugh…strange no? And it hurts like hell too!

So, I’m apologizing to each of my reader about the lack of chapters. I’ll resume activity after my flue go away (I want to shoo it). And also because Christmas and end of year/new year, I’m sure that I can get more chapters with the free time (my family isn’t active during this period because they go to hibernation).

Truly, sorry

PS: Why did I got sick just after an exam and especially when I finally got two weeks of vacation from school!!!!!! *Cry of despair*

Here is a picture to show you my current situationCritical hit

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Chapter 53: Let’s go swimming or how to attract jellyfish

Author’s note: You’re chapter for this week.

Nothing to explain in this chapter, the title is obvious right? My thoughts about this chapter are ‘I want to go to the beach! Damn!’ and ‘A picture would have been good.’

About next week, sadly I had mid-terms (already!) and it lands on Saturday so no chapter (I know your feel, exam on Saturday?! Are you serious?!).

So see you in two weeks~ (Two chapters to compensate for the next week)

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Side chapter 09: Sebastian’s troubles

Author’s note: Said side chapter is here!

Some answer on Shura’s condition that bothers some people in this chapter. Of course, it’s just the head of the iceberg. Future chapters will answer the rest of the questions so be patient, ok?

Next week chapter will still be: 01 chapter.

Another marriage in Saturday so…

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Chapter 52: Visiting the city… or the mall?

Author’s note: I wonder why but November and December are always busy months for everyone. Even for me… Today, I went to a marriage and tomorrow I’ll have to bring my father at the airport.

If I had a comment about this chapter, it will be… Human nature?

Anyway, enjoy the chapter and be happy because there will be a Side-chapter tomorrow (Sunday)!

By the way, I changed the title a bit.

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Chapter 51: I’ll drink more milk

Author’s note: Saturday’s chapter~

Next week’s plan will still be 01 chapter and maybe a Side-chapter.

No more to say, busy with real life (Like everyone).

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Chapter 50: A lady shouldn’t beat a man to death

Author’s note: Hum… I don’t think that I’ll manage to write more than this chapter so forgive me.

This is the second chapter of the arc and the second time we’ll see Shura after such long time. If I had to resume this chapter, I’ll use the word ‘cliché’ I think. Nobles are always troublesome, especially the cocky ones. Even if they technically didn’t exist anymore in my country, there were still some that bother me with their ‘I descend from a noble family!’… Of course, this don’t apply to all nobles.

Also, next week’s plan: 01 chapter.

Why? Like I said, uni will begin next week. And at the same time, I’ll begin a side-job so I need to be in observation state to see if I can increase the chapter or not.

Last, enjoy~

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Chapter 49: Barter

Author’s note: This count as Saturday’s release.

Well, now we’ll just have Sunday’s chapter or chapters to do. I’ll see if I manage to write more than one chapter tomorrow so don’t hold your hope too much, ok?

As for those that hope for Shura’s return, here it is! First interaction with her other family members~ Will it turn good or bad? I wonder though it was already obvious for a particular person…

I’ll give next week’s chapter plan with tomorrow chapter.

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Side chapter 08: Sully

Author’s note: Last non-chapter of the arc. Now, let’s return to Shura!

Also, because someone gave a treat, I’ll post this today. Next chapter in two hours or more (depending if more treats come)

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Chapter 48: Vampire Lord

Author’s note: Real life will always ruin your plan for the virtual life. This was the chapter that was to come few hours after the previous chapter 😛

Also, trick or treat!

>Trick: I won’t post the following chapters today

>Treat: Give me picture of loli

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Chapter 47: Raid (III)

Author’s note: First chapter of the batch. Second chapter in few hours (I know, it won’t be Friday anymore but in some country it will still be!).

The third chapter will come with the Saturday’s chapter because I’ve once again a surprise party tomorrow. Why did my family always say those kinds of things at the last minute? Now, I need to find a gift now… Sigh.

One more chapter to go before the end of the arc, then I’ll have to write a side chapter and basta!

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